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Oztopia was started in mid 2014 as the joint initiative of a number of highly motivated and dynamic individuals seeking to combine their engineering experience to service the mining, oil & gas, and marine sectors based in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

Having identified a shortage of quality, specialised, engineering solutions available to these industries, the Oztopian Management team sought to bring their not inconsiderable knowledge to bear on the often complex problems associated with both expansion and maintenance programs in these industries.

Right from the outset Oztopia’s commitment has been to provide creative solutions in a cost effective and time efficient delivery paradigm.

Oztopia has designed its service delivery in such a way as to minimise client downtime and cost overruns via a combination of drawing on their own collective engineering excellence as well as sourcing the most qualified and experienced people available from across the country and around
the globe.

While Oztopia specialises specifically in such tasks as Project Management of construction
scopes (Full project feasibility, initiation and execution) and civil earthworks, they also provide a broader range of professional and engineering capabilities such as steel fabrication.

Creativity, flexibility, expertise, and a strong focus on safe outcomes, these are the corner stones of Oztopian operational philosophy designed to deliver high quality and efficient outcomes to all our clients.

Oztopia Holdings Pty Ltd

ACN: 613 592 573

ABN: 79 613 592 573

Company Address: 995 Croydon Road, Karratha LIA WA 6714

Mailing Address: PO Box 1098, Karratha WA 6714

This epitomises the Oztopian Experience as we strive for delivering the highest quality service, ensuring our clients are always the number one priority.

Oztopia is committed to operating in a safe and transparent manner at all levels of our business including but not limited to: client liaison; employee procurement and development; management protocol; and business arrangements with suppliers, local communities and groups.

Based in the Pilbara of Western Australia and drawing from over 30 years’ collective experience in the region, Oztopia’s team has the ability to make clients outcomes happen quickly and effectively.

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