HDPE Pipe Welding

HDPE Welding

Oztopia’s talented team have the training, skills, knowledge and supporting technology to carry out fabrication, installation and repair of high-density polyethylene. Their expertise in the design and provision of technical support for all water supply and waste water systems ensures the job is done quickly and efficiently, safeguarding uninterrupted operations and scheduling.

A pipeline’s integrity is based on the strength and reliability of the joint, which is crucial to operational efficiencies. Oztopia provide ease and speed of fabrication and repair to maintain this integrity and fluidity of operations.

Operating on remote sites or from their well-equipped workshop at the head office in Karratha, Oztopia ensures comprehensive and integrated service delivery that suits our clients’ needs.

Oztopia offers a diversified service for thermo plastic pipe products, water and dewatering systems as well as manufacturing, plant and equipment service and maintenance options.

Infrastructure, Equipment & Resources

  • Extrusion Welders
  • Hot Air Welders
  • Wedge Welders
  • Butt Fusion Welders
  • Electro Fusion Welders

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