Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services

Oztopia maintenance services are reliable, custom-designed and cost-effective works that maximise the longevity and value of our client’s assets.

A myriad of trade disciplines, ancillary services and man-power facilitates smooth-running mine site operations ensuring site infrastructure is properly maintained and safe for use.

Oztopia can also provide back-up emergency support for shut down and natural disaster clear up requirements such as storm damage and flood management, minimising down-time and impact on productivity.

The team are also adept in culvert construction, maintenance and repair, working proactively and responsively to prevent collapse or manage malfunction which can wreak havoc on transportation routes and mine site operations.  

It’s understood that a company is only as good as the people.    The enthusiasm and energy of Oztopia’s highly qualified, permanent employees reflects the ethos and values of the Company and is part of the reason we have developed enviable, long-term relationships with local suppliers, contractors and stakeholders. 

Our people are trained to the highest industry standards and we pride ourselves on implementing economical and safe maintenance solutions to meet and exceed client expectations.

Our services include:


  • Mining and civil water supply systems maintenance
  • Road Rail infrastructure maintenance
  • Brownfield civil maintenance
  • Minor works and plant upgrades
  • Civil concrete remediation
  • Wastewater System maintenance
  • Routine preventative maintenance

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